Cryptocurrency Portfolio Calculator

Why did you do this?
Mostly because I was running a similar piece of software for myself already. I just added some HTML around it and called it a website.
I found a problem / bug.
You can contact me under xdmicyhulkez at gmail dot com but remove the xs and ys and zs before.
Can you show me the value of the portfolio in currencies other than USD, EUR and BTC?
Yes, that might be a nice feature.
So when do you implement those nice features?
Well, it depends on my time and how much the feature takes to complete and how many people find it useful. So I can't give you a binding answer other than "I'll do it". Shoot me an email if you find your feature quite important, I'll keep a list of how many people ask for it.
Why is this site so strange?
Because it's supposed to be fast. No cookies, minimal JS (for some convenience and maybe ads later on) and minimal CSS.
My coin isn't supported!
Because its rank on is lower than 200. I don't want to force 1000 users to download all 1000 coins each if just 3 users trade those coins. As of 2020, coinmarketcap also makes it more expensive to request data for more than 200 cryptocurrencies.
Why do you show the DotCom Market Cap statistics below the portfolio summary and what do they mean?
I believe we are about to witness the DotCom market bubble all over again but this time with cryptocurrencies. Back then, internet was the hype but few people were using it, yet lots were investing into it. Same now with cryptocurrencies. So I take the dotcom bubble peak NASDAQ market capitalization (around 6.6 trillion) and calculate, how much the cryptocurrency market cap will have to increase to reach it. This is the DotCom MCap / Current MCap factor. Then I multiply your portfolio value by that factor, to see what your current portfolio would be worth around that time. Please don't assume this is financial advice, it's just a number you can use during the inevitable "it's a bubble" discussion.
So you believe that cryptocurrency is just a big bubble?
No, consider the dotcom market bubble more a worst-case scenario.
What languages did you use?
The server and front-end is written in Clojure and Clojurescript. For the statistics and charts I used incanter and JFreeChart. For the blog posts I use markdown and pandoc.
What else do you do?
You can find other stuff at